The Daughters of Mary (formerly Daughters of Isabella)


The Daughters of Mary 


·        Spiritual: Participation in retreats, masses, novenas, and other spiritual activities to develop a deeper relationship with God and others. Members also receive plenary indulgence and remembrances in masses and novenas throughout the country.


·        Friendship: Sharing of talents and experiences; support of one another in times of crisis and celebration


·        Fundraising: For support of churches, schools, scholarships, seminaries, missions, Right to Life, and other charitable causes


·        Involvement: Respect for Life, women's and family issues, civic and cultural projects


Daughter's of Mary NEWS


The Daughters of Mary is happy to announce that the cash donations to First Concern Resource Center were $1,808.36 and the donated baby gifts and items this year were plentiful.  First Concern would like to thank you all for your generosity and continued support for LIFE.  A detailed inventory of donated baby items can be read at each church entrance.  Blessings!