St. John’s Cemetery
Parker Rd, Lancaster, MA 01523
George DiLorenzo – Cemetery Superintendent


St. John the Guardian of Our Lady Parish
Rev. Joseph M. Nally, Pastor


Rules for Floral Decorations

Containers: All floral decorations must be in a container.

In-Ground Planting: There is absolutely NO in-ground planting permitted.

Amount of Containers Allowed: After June 30, only one container PER LOT may remain.

Fall Clean-ups: All decorations must be removed by October 1 for Fall clean-ups.

Winter Decorations: Winter decorations may be placed one week before Thanksgiving & must be removed by April 15 for Spring clean-ups.

Mother’s Day Decorations: Mother’s Day decorations may be placed on graves three days before Mother’s Day & may remain for three days after.

Memorial Day Flowers: Memorial Day flowers may be placed on graves one week before Memorial Day.