St. John’s Cemetery
Parker Rd, Lancaster, MA  01523
George DiLorenzo – Cemetery Superintendent


St. John the Guardian of Our Lady Parish
Rev. Joseph M. Nally, Pastor


Policy for Purchasing Cemetery Lots – Effective October 1, 2012

Lot Purchase: At the time of selection, a deposit of one half of the total price due must be paid.  You will have one year to pay the balance.  We strongly suggest that you plan to pay the remaining half of the purchase price by making regular monthly payments. 

Forfeit of Lot Purchase: If the final payment is not received within thirty days of the final due date, the lot will revert back to the cemetery for resale and you will forfeit any payments you have made.  If a burial has already taken place, the lot will be will be marked as closed and no other burials will be allowed until the lot is paid in full.

Deeds: Always remember - the holder of the deed is the holder of the lot.  Without the deed, no changes can be made.

Monuments: No monument is allowed until the lot is paid in full.

Grave Openings & Funeral Mass: Payments must be made in full before any interment can take place.

Lot Returns: Lots can only be returned if the entire lot is completely empty.  Reimbursement amount will NOT exceed the purchase amount.


St. John’s Cemetery is the property of St. John the Guardian of Our Lady Parish and you are subject to the rules and regulations of said parish.